Degas - Dance, Politcs and Society

Degas - Dance, Politcs and Society

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This monograph dedicated to the work of Edgar Dedas (1834-1917) is a decisive contribution to the studies of the French artist. Its truly innovative focus underlines discussions related do "dance, politics and society", as indicated in the book's substitle, with special attention to issues of gender, identity, labor, race, prostitution and representation of women, which are so relevant to our time. Degas is considered a complete artist, working in various techniques, and, at the end of his life, he left around 6,000 works, including 2,000 related to the universe of dance and ballet. His contradictions and ambiguities, especially the dact that he remains between tradition and modernity, reaffirm his uniqueness in the history of Western art. This book includes ten essays specially written for the publication by experts arounf the world, in addition to an introductory text by the volume's organizers. The book also includes a visual essay: a series of photographs taken by Brazilian artist Sofia Borges in an extensive research conducted on the bronze sculptures belonging to the Museu de Arte de São Paulo Assis Chateaubriand, the Little Dancer Aged Fourteen and several others. With her images, Borges offers us a renewed and radical visuality of works so well known in art history.
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Data de publicação2021-02-05
Código de Barras9786557770054

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