Melvin Edwards - Linch Fragments - ( Inglês)

Melvin Edwards - Linch Fragments - ( Inglês)

Código: 9788531000515
Editora: MASP
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"Melvin Edwards ' Lynch fragments: Blackness and the fight for civil rights in America" - HAMID IRBOUH obtained a PhD in art history from the state University of New York in the United States in 2000. He contributed articles for several publications and is the author of the book Art in the Service of Colonialism: French Art Education in Morocco, 1912 1956 (Tauris Academic Studies, 2005). "Nigeria is OK for me!": Memory and History in Ibadan Oke (1992) and Ile Ogun (2003) - REBECCA WOLFF is a master at Columbia University and a Bachelor of Arts at Texas University. He is student in African art from the University of California and performs research for his dissertation art During Wartime: The Nigerian Civil War and Nigerian contemporary Art, which examines artistic production related to the Nigerian Civil War (1967-70). Published articles and reviews in African Arts, African Studies Quarterly, CAA. Reviews and interventions. "Art for Insurrection times" - RENATA BITTENCOURT developed master's and doctorate studies on the representation of the Negro in Brazilian painting at the State University of Campinas (Unicamp). He worked at the Itaú Cultural Institute and in the management of public policies of culture. It was contemplated by the Paulista Association of Art Critics (APCA) and Fulbright. She is currently director at the Brazilian Institute of Museums of the Ministry of Culture (MinC). "Lynched fragments, pieces of life, shrapnel from history" - RODRIGO MOURA, adjunct curator of Brazilian art, MASP.
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