Women's Histories, Feminist Histories

Women's Histories, Feminist Histories

Código: 9788531000751
Editora: MASP
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Women’s Histories, Feminist Histories combines the catalogs of two parallel, complementary exhibitions organized in dialogue at MASP: Women’s Histories: Artists Before 1900, curated by Julia Bryan-Wilson, Lilia Moritz Schwarcz and Mariana Leme, and Feminist Histories: Artists After 2000, curated by Isabella Rjeille. The juxtaposition of two exhibitions with different scopes within a single publication allows us to establish dialogues between artwork from different eras, and to understand their development from one temporal arc to another. Over the last few years, MASP has undertaken a pioneering effort to include artwork by women in both its permanent collection and its programming, a path also explored by other institutions worldwide. The museum’s 2019 program is dedicated to women artists, and this publication, alongside its Anthology companion, is the culmination of this effort. Women’s Histories, Feminist Histories was organized by Mariana Leme, Adriano Pedrosa and Isabella Rjeille and includes texts by the exhibition curators as well as by Matheus de Andrade, Leonardo Antiqueira, Marcia Arcuri, Elaine Bortolanza, Amanda Carneiro, Beatriz Lemos, Benjamin Seroussi, Eliane Pinheiro, Ana Paula Cavalcanti Simioni, Lúcia Klück Stumpf and Talita Trizoli.
Data de publicação2019-10-28
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